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Are DEI Initiatives Failing In The Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry is going through some rough times. In conjunction with maintaining a healthy balance sheet through layoffs, cannabis companies deal with DEI initiatives. According to Business Insider, 50% of companies need more resources to make these initiatives work.  There’s fierce debate on whether these programs work. On the one hand, c-levels in the cannabis...

How AI Can Transform the Cannabis Industry

Ten ways that AI is transforming the cannabis industry:   Personalized product recommendations: AI can analyze customer data and make personalized product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing history. This recommendation helps improve the customer experience and can improve sales, average order value, and customer experience. For example, a customer who regularly purchases Indica...

Standard Insights Launches a Woman-Led and Co-Founded, AI-Driven Cannabis Tech Company – Mary Jane Menu

Press Release Mary Jane Menu seeks to empower women in the cannabis and tech industries where there is a significant dearth of female representation and upend how cannabis online ordering happens. TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Standard Insights https://standardinsights.io/, an AI as a Service analytics and marketing platform, backs the development of Mary Jane Menu (MJM) https://maryjanemenu.com/,...

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