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Leverage your first-party data using the predictive power of AI


Are you curious to see how Mary Jane Menu’s AI-driven, smart-ordering, marketing automation, and inventory management platform can help drive profitability for your business?

Why Mary Jane Menu?

Mary Jane Menu is a woman-owned tech company.  MJM was built from the ground up, with help from actual cannabis companies seeking our technical advice to solve real business problems.  Mary Jane Menu has been developed specifically to help cannabis businesses streamline operations and improve sales.

Next-gen ordering!

We believe in empowerment and ownership.  It starts with taking control of your data and not relying on third-party ordering and data platforms that keep your data, repackage it, and sell it to others.  Having data sitting in a dashboard and not being able to take action is similar to owning a nice car in the garage and not being able to drive it.  With Mary Jane Menu, you’ll be able to leverage your OWN data to automate and execute intelligent, data-driven, omnichannel marketing campaigns to drive repeat business from your customer base.  Try doing that with your existing platforms!

Ready to start growing your canna-business?

Ready to start growing your canna-business?

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